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I would like to encourage you to send me ideas and suggestions about how to improve Logger so that I can include them in future versions.
If you want to send a theme, please read the instructions in the theme section first.
If you encounter a problem with Logger you are also welcome to contact me, but please check the help first.
Please also notify me if you find any bugs or funny behaviour. If you're reporting a bug, remember to include as much information about your system as possible (Windows version, RAM, hard disk space etc.) and please also write which version of Logger you are using.
To contact me, please send an email (in English or German).

Privacy policy

I will not send emails to someone who has not explicitly asked me to inform them about new versions / upgrades / bug fixes etc. I find it cheaper and less annoying for everybody that way.
So if you want to be informed about new versions, please write a short email saying something like "Please keep me informed about new versions" and I'll put you on my list . Unless you do so, I will not send you emails other than answers to your questions, or comments on your suggestions.
It is of course possible to be removed from that list anytime (again, by short email note please).

Last modified: November 25, 2003