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These themes will only work with Logger 3.0!
If you are using Logger 2.0 and want to use one of the themes below you should either
- update to Logger 3.0 (recommended) or
- send me an email so I can send you the theme you want in version 2.0 format.

Name Preview (1/2 size) Description

Thingo Download Thingo Let Thingo keep one eye on your PC for you.
Toggle logging by clicking on Thingo's left eye.

Artist: Michael Wrightson

Download zip (59 kb)

STNG Download STNG With this theme, you can boldly log where no man has logged before...
Toggle logging by clicking on the "ACTIVITY" field.

Artist: Benjamin Wrightson

Download zip (7 kb)

Official Star Trek website

Emerald Green Download Emerald Green The default theme that comes with Logger.
Toggle logging by clicking on the lamp.

Artist: Michael Wrightson

Download zip (12 kb)

Orange Flip Download Orange Flip Put a spot of colour on your desktop!
Toggle logging by clicking on the lamp.

Artist: Michael Wrightson

Download zip (11 kb)

Cool Blue Download Cool Blue Variations on a theme.
Toggle logging by clicking on the lamp.

Artist: Michael Wrightson

Download zip (11 kb)

Mobile Download Mobile Take Logger - virtually - everywhere you go.
Toggle logging by clicking on the on/off button.

Artist: Michael Wrightson

Download zip (61 kb)

Flightline Download Flighline Equip your PC with a flight recorder.
Toggle logging by clicking on the on/off button.

Artist: Michael Wrightson

Download zip (22 kb)

Matrix Download Matrix Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
Toggle logging by clicking on the "Toggle activity" text.

Artist: Benjamin Wrightson

Download zip (38 kb)

Official Matrix website

Further information

You need Winzip to unpack the theme files. You can get Winzip here.

You can also use Logger without any theme. To do so, go to the Settings dialog, Theme tab, and select "No theme".
For full information about changing themes, see the Logger help and the ReadMe file that comes with every theme.

How to design your own theme for Logger

If you want to create your own individual Logger theme or want your corporate logo on Logger, this is the section for you.

Designing a theme is not complicated at all, all you need is a drawing program and some creativity and inspiration. Here is what to do:

1. Draw the theme
Draw the theme in your drawing program. Draw it precisely as it should look like later, and in the size it should have later. Your drawing should include the following functional areas: Please note that these areas must not overlap, and that they can only be rectangular (this doesn't mean that they have to be rectangular in your drawing at all, it just means they have to be rectangular for the program).
The areas can be anywhere in your drawing. Although I have tried to keep to the Windows-style ('system menu' top left, 'move window' top bar, etc.) this is not necessary. If you would rather have a small button in the bottom right corner that allows the user to move the window, no problem. However, wild arrangements of the functional areas might make your theme difficult to use at first. But this is all your decision.
If you want Logger to look differently if logging is active, you must make a copy of the first drawing and make the changes on that copy. Note that all the functional areas must be the same in both drawings.

2. Send it to me
Send me your drawing(s) via email so that I can convert them into a single theme file. Please send your drawings in either JPEG or GIF format, preferrably GIF, and make sure they have a maximum of 256 colours (8 bpp).
Please write a short explanation of your theme (theme name & copyright notice as it will appear in the 'About'-dialog), and say which drawing is for 'logging active' status and which for 'logging inactive' (if you have two drawings). In case you don't use buttons with text, or the text is in a language other than English or German, please also say which area has what function. Depending on your drawing, it might be helpful if you include a third copy of your image which has a rectangle for every area in it, so that it is easier for me to assign them.
Unless you state otherwise, I'll assume you are using Logger 3.0. If you can, please send your drawings WinZip-compressed.
You can find my email-adress in the feedback section.

If I like your drawing I might ask you to allow me to put it on this webpage (please note that this is a purely subjective criterion. You can of course always publish your theme on your homepage or anywhere else you like as well). I will not publish themes without your consent. I will also not publish themes that carry third-party copyright material without the written consent of that third party. Themes that are wider than 640 and higher than 480 pixels (VGA resolution) are not likely to be published here either, but I might just make the occasional exception.
I reserve the right to not make a theme from your drawing if it contains offensive, racist or illegal material.

This is what the drawings could look like:

Example: Logging off Example: Logging on Example: Area description
The theme in 'logging inactive' state
(the lamp is off).
The theme in 'logging active' state
(the lamp is on).
The theme with the description of the areas (optional).

Should you have any questions concerning making a theme, please send me an email.

Last modified: November 25, 2003